My Dear “Kindred Spirit,”

This is an “I’m being lazy” post.

Nah, actually it isn’t.

It’s an “I’m really busy!!” post.

It’s getting into summer, so (please read the following with an extremely overdone, corny English accent) I’m afraid my schedule is just packed, dahlin’.

(I know. Me, social life? hahaha!!)

But I actually do have a lot going on these next few weeks, and so I decided that instead of trying to write out a whole long post, I’d just let you watch me playing piano a little.

This first video is a gig I did last Friday night – a festival of hymns at the “Upstate Chapel” (check out their website: http://www.upstatechapel.com and “like” them on Facebook!). The Upstate Chapel is one of my favorite places to play – pretty low key, and I always just have a blast with gigs there.

My sister took this video of one of the pieces I did on piano. I had invited the audience to sing along, so you get to hear the singing, too!

And, just for the fun of it, here’s a video of me practicing earlier that week:

Yeah, I know… I need to find an *actual* video camera that records a little better quality than these…

Oh, well.


Love, N.


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