Introducing: “The Short Stories” Series

My Dear “Kindred Spirit,”

Some of you know this already, but during my high school/late teen years, I wrote several slightly humorous short stores, most of them about events that happened in my own family, situations created by my siblings and myself.

You know, the funny stuff that inevitably happens in life, especially when life includes 8 crazy siblings (6 of whom are brothers!) and an off-grid homestead.

All of these stories are at least a few years old, and some of them may be as much as 10 or 12 years old. My memory isn’t good enough to “date” them all. But for years now these have been the stories I’ve shown people when they hear I’m a bit of a writer and ask me what it is that I write.

However, since starting this blog last summer I now direct people here when they ask what I write, and I haven’t found myself giving anyone copies of my old short stories in a while.

My sister told me a few weeks ago that I need to put my stories up on this blog, and my first thought was that it would be nice to have them up, but they don’t quite “fit” the format I’ve been using – not that my blog has a “normal” way of doing things, in fact it tends to be rather random at times, but putting up my stories would be even more random than my regular randomness.

But these stories are part of how I write, and I do want them on my blog. So I’ve decided to put them up anyway, and treat them as a series of posts on my blog. I’ve created a specific category – The Short Stories – for this “series” of posts that are just my old stories copied and pasted in as posts (and maybe edited just a little here and there…). I’ll be posting them over the next week or two.

I hope you all enjoy. Let me know what you think of them! (As long as you think good things of them, that is. If you hate them you can keep that opinion to yourself!) 😉

Love, N.


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