NEVER TRUST… Older Brothers (The Short Stories Series)

Luke and John were selling sawdust. I don’t remember how much they got per bag, but they seemed to have a lot of sales.

They kept the bags of sawdust in the “attic” of their shop. It wasn’t really an attic, just a large piece of plywood nailed up on some of the collar ties.

One day, Luke decided that it was just too hard to drag the bags down from the attic. He wanted to rig up a rope and pulley, so that whenever he opened the door, a bag of sawdust came swinging down. Then all he had to do was unhook it and carry it away to wherever he wanted it.

It was a nice idea, but he and John were having some problems figuring out how to set it up. In the middle of all this, mom called Luke and John away to go next door to grandma’s for something.

Ben and Joe offered to hook it up while they were gone. Ben and Joe aren’t the type that normally offer to do something like that for their younger brothers, and, suspecting some sort of trickery, Luke asked:

“Hook it up so it works?”


“It’ll come down when I open the door?”


“Will it come off and hit me in the head?”


“Well… Okay.”

When Luke and John got back, the door was shut.

Luke stalked over and wrenched it open. A bag of sawdust came swinging down, all right, but at first Luke couldn’t see it – when a whole bucket of water has just emptied over your head, you really can’t see much of anything until you wipe the water out of your eyes.

And, you know, I can’t recall Luke taking Ben or Joe up on an offer like that since then.


One thought on “NEVER TRUST… Older Brothers (The Short Stories Series)

  1. haha, so the bucket of water was first, did a bag of saw dust plop in their wet face? Would have been funny for the bag of saw dust to bust all over their wet selves, lol. Would have stuck to em like feathers. haha


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