My Dear “Kindred Spirit,”

I feel as though this format is way over used. I can remember as a kid reading books written in this style: “Dear so and so…” A little part of me cringes at the idea of creating a blog that follows that pattern. I mean, really? Letters to a good friend who doesn’t actually exist. Some unknown “Kindred Spirit.” A figment of my imagination. Sounds like I kinda need an introduction to the real world, doesn’t it?

But at the same time…

I am the girl who writes a letter when I can’t make my tongue say the words I want to say. I hand people a note or card when my heart is overflowing with love and appreciation and yet I can’t bring myself to speak the words running through my brain. Letters are my “thing.”

When I need to “talk through” something, my first instinct isn’t to call a friend – it’s to write a friend. And often, when I can’t think of a friend who is enough of a Kindred Spirit for me to write to, I write anyway. I give my hand a cramp and use up copious amounts of paper and ink journaling.

And so, my dear kindred spirit, I have decided to write to you.

I can’t tell you what to expect from these letters. They are, after all, letters. And any subject in the world can be explored in a letter. I’m sure I’ll touch on just about everything – food, family, health, relationships, religion, possibly (because I believe in living dangerously) even politics on occasion. So just settle in and enjoy your mail! Who doesn’t love to get a letter?!

My hope is that these letters will entertain you, encourage you, make you think, help you get to know me a little better, and whatever other nice flowery things you can think of that they might do. If nothing else, I hope it just brightens your day to get a letter!

Love, N.

P.S. Don’t feel you have to write back, but if you want to, I’d love to hear from you! I like getting mail too! 🙂


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