My Dear “Kindred Spirit,” I was accused a few weeks ago of having given up blogging. I would like to protest that accusation, but looking at the date of my last post on here, I’m not sure I’ve got a leg to stand on arguing against that. Let me just say that in my head … More Accountability

Dear Bema,

Right now, I’m remembering early mornings around the breakfast table every time I visited you. You and Bopie sipping cups of coffee while I – one of the few non-coffee drinkers on the Rothrock side of the family – sipped orange juice. As Bopie ate his oatmeal, you would read the daily devotional to us … More Dear Bema,

Wintertime Memories

My Dear “Kindred Spirit,” I kinda wanted to subtitle this “a day in the life of a homeschooler,” but I couldn’t figure out how to add a subtitle, soooo… Oh well. For some reason, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the winters of my childhood. You’ll have to forgive me if I make myself … More Wintertime Memories

TMI about R.U.M.P.S

My Dear “Kindred Spirit,” This is a continuation of my previous post, and the previous warning still stands: Men, beware! You don’t want to read this! I’ve been wanting to write this post for a year. And I’ve been actively threatening to write it for a few months now. It’s time to write this post. … More TMI about R.U.M.P.S


My Dear “Kindred Spirit,” I had to put the dots in the title so you’d realize RUMPS is an acronym, and that I’m not writing an entire post about rearends. As most of you know, I have some rather strong hippie tendencies. Kombucha, raw milk, no shoes, worms under my sink… All that good stuff … More R.U.M.P.S


You’ve all seen this scene in old comedies: One of the characters asks a question. He is given a completely unexpected and/or ridiculous answer. He accepts the answer very matter-of-factually, then a split second later screams: “Wait! WHAT?!?” This scene happens all the time in our house, with one small difference. We leave out the … More BUBBA


My family has this thing about nicknames. We use them. A lot. We have nicknames for food – from the Chinese food we order in for supper, referring to the different dishes as “Slab of Lab,” “Poodles with Noodles,” “Chunks of Skunk,” and other such appealing names, to the “Stray Cat Stroganoff” that mom used … More Nicknames


I guess every family has their quirks. Maybe some people don’t spend a half hour to 45 minutes deciding what pizza to order for lunch. However, I have gone through this procedure more than once. It is one of my grandparents’ quirks. (You don’t want to know how long it takes to decide on having … More Lunchtime!