Iceee Creeaammm!!

My Dear “Kindred Spirit,” Homemade ice cream. In January. Because I’m just that kind of awesome. And you can be too! A few months ago I bought into a herd share in southern Tennessee, and now every Thursday I go pick up my gallon of milk for the week. Is there anything quite as lovely … More Iceee Creeaammm!!


My Dear “Kindred Spirit,” Now that I’ve been making my own kombucha for… uh… well, it’s been over 2 months now… I figure that I must be enough of an expert to write a post on it!! Yeah… Don’t tell anyone, but I’m really not an expert on kombucha. However, I have made several batches, … More Booch

My “Take” on Food

My Dear “Kindred Spirit,” You’re reading that title and thinking “Her “take” on food? She takes it and eats it! Duh!!” You’re absolutely right. Ahhh, I do love my food… I love pretty much everything about food – growing food, cooking food, talking about food, thinking about food, and especially eating food. I even love … More My “Take” on Food

Minestrone Soup

My Dear “Kindred Spirit,” I am very proudly 1/8 Italian. My great-grandfather (Grandpa Joe) was Italian, which means my grandmother (Bema) was 1/2 Italian, making my dad 1/4 Italian, and my siblings and I all 1/8 Italian. (Let me say “Italian” a few more times…). Sadly, this means my kids will only be 1/16 Italian. … More Minestrone Soup