Cookies, Anyone?

Now, at least in our house, Freihofers chocolate chip cookies aren’t really considered the ultimate dessert. But when there’s nothing else sweet in the house, they’ll do just fine. And even if there is other stuff, they still get eaten. We know someone who used to get outdated baked goods from the nearest Freihofers – … More Cookies, Anyone?

Birthday Traditions (The Short Stories Series)

Birthdays at our house can be very interesting affairs. Take, for example, gifts. Although mom and dad usually treat gift-giving like normal people, among us children, giving gifts takes a bit of a different twist. We only give useless gifts. If it’s something that the recipient might find a use for, then forget it. Some … More Birthday Traditions (The Short Stories Series)

Introducing: “The Short Stories” Series

My Dear “Kindred Spirit,” Some of you know this already, but during my high school/late teen years, I wrote several slightly humorous short stores, most of them about events that happened in my own family, situations created by my siblings and myself. You know, the funny stuff that inevitably happens in life, especially when life … More Introducing: “The Short Stories” Series