Kindred Spirit??

My Dear “Kindred Spirit,”

Oh, honey. Seriously? You really aren’t sure what the definition of a kindred spirit is??

That makes me so sad. Because if you don’t know what a kindred spirit is, you have missed SO much in life.

Not the least of which is the Anne of Green Gables books. Anyone who has read Anne of Green Gables knows about kindred spirits.

This is a situation. This needs to be remedied. Go – right now – and get your hands on a copy of Anne of Green Gables. That book is required reading for any human. I won’t insist that you read the rest of the series (although you will want to after reading the first book), but I must insist that you read the original Anne book. L. M. Montgomery is one of the best authors ever, and I simply can’t bear the thought of anyone going through life without reading anything by her. Anne is not her best work, but it is her best known work, so start with that. It won’t be hard to get addicted. Be sure to check out her short stories, too, and make sure you don’t miss out on what is (in my opinion) her best book: Jane of Lantern Hill.

Ok. So now that you have been introduced to L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables, Jane of Lantern Hill, and all that comes with that, let’s get back to our talk about kindred spirits.

My brothers refuse to have their lives enriched by L.M. Montgomery, so the term they have coined for kindred spirits is “safe places.” In another of the “Anne” books, kindred spirits are referred to as “the race that knows Joseph.” So, really, you can call ’em whatever you want. But the idea stays the same.

I must admit that I kinda like the way my brothers define kindred spirits – “safe places.”

So I suppose I could have called this blog “My Dear Safe Place,” but that just seems a little too weird… Besides, I’m a die-hard L.M. Montgomery fan, so it is and always will be “kindred spirits” in my book.

There are some people you meet, and you just automatically, instinctively, know that you could safely tell them anything in the world. They are a kindred spirit.

Other people take a while to warm up to and it can take days, weeks, months, even years to trust them enough to open up to them. It takes a while to discover that they are a kindred spirit.

The others, those who (to you, at least) are not kindred spirits, you never warm up to. Instead, you find yourself talking about the weather and the price of fuel every time you meet. They’re not safe. You don’t know deep down that they can be trusted.

But a kindred spirit… ahhh… they can be trusted. You can really talk to them. They are the stuff best friends are made of. They are the people you can lose contact with for months or years, then bump into again and pick up the friendship right where it left off.

They are the people you can tease and torment and know that they won’t think you’re being mean, or take it the wrong way.

They are the people you can vehemently disagree with, and yet still love to hang out with, because they respect your point of view and don’t feel you must agree with them in order to be their friend.

They are the people who are brave enough to risk developing real friendships with others.

Being with these people makes you come alive. They inspire you to be a kindred spirit yourself.

I don’t feel as though I’ve done a great job of defining what a “kindred spirit” is. But I think the kindred spirits in this world will “get” what I’m trying to say and understand what I mean.

Thank you, all you kindred spirits out there, for being that way. For being kindred spirits and safe places in this world. This life would be dull, bland, and very lonely without y’all.

Keep up the good work. You are greatly appreciated.

Love, N.


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