The Icebox (The Short Stories Series)

I find it interesting how many things people take for granted these days. Refrigerators and freezers, for instance. I can still remember what it’s like to live without a refrigerator or a freezer for years at a time, and because I can remember what it’s like, I have sworn to never take a refrigerator or … More The Icebox (The Short Stories Series)


Birthday Traditions (The Short Stories Series)

Birthdays at our house can be very interesting affairs. Take, for example, gifts. Although mom and dad usually treat gift-giving like normal people, among us children, giving gifts takes a bit of a different twist. We only give useless gifts. If it’s something that the recipient might find a use for, then forget it. Some … More Birthday Traditions (The Short Stories Series)

Introducing: “The Short Stories” Series

My Dear “Kindred Spirit,” Some of you know this already, but during my high school/late teen years, I wrote several slightly humorous short stores, most of them about events that happened in my own family, situations created by my siblings and myself. You know, the funny stuff that inevitably happens in life, especially when life … More Introducing: “The Short Stories” Series

It’s Symbolic!

My Dear “Kindred Spirit,” I was driving home from work, flipping through the preset stations on my radio. Country station 1: Miranda Lambert. Nope. Country station 2: Commercials. Eh… No. Country station 3: “If I die young…” God no! I don’t have anything against dying young, but I can’t stand that song! Pop station 1: … More It’s Symbolic!

Courtship (Part Two)

My Dear “Kindred Spirit,” A post with a part two! Woohoo! I’m really gettin’ carried away with this one, aren’t I? Ok, so you definitely need to read part one before you read this one, if you haven’t yet you can find the link here. In part one, I explained how courtship is a reaction … More Courtship (Part Two)

Courtship (Part One)

My Dear “Kindred Spirit,” I’d like to excuse my lack of posts lately by claiming to be suffering from writer’s block or some such nonsense, but I can’t honestly claim that. I’ve had at least half-a-dozen different ideas for posts within this past month or so, I just haven’t had the time or energy or … More Courtship (Part One)

Old Friends

My Dear “Kindred Spirit,” I want to talk about old friends. Not old friends like “old friends,” but old friends as in old friends. Sorry, sorry, I know… That won’t get us anywhere. You can’t hear my tone or see my expressions. So. Not old friends like friends you’ve known for a long time, old … More Old Friends

Iceee Creeaammm!!

My Dear “Kindred Spirit,” Homemade ice cream. In January. Because I’m just that kind of awesome. And you can be too! A few months ago I bought into a herd share in southern Tennessee, and now every Thursday I go pick up my gallon of milk for the week. Is there anything quite as lovely … More Iceee Creeaammm!!

So Long, 2015!

My Dear “Kindred Spirit,” Oh, dear. Where to even start? So I was debating earlier this evening whether I should write this post or not. I kinda started it, then stopped for dinner. Then got bullied into playing games after dinner. For like 3 hours. And now I’m back. Tired because it’s getting late and … More So Long, 2015!