To Control or Not to Control

My Dear “Kindred Spirit,” Confession: I like being in control. I like being in control of myself, my life, my emotions, everything. I don’t care quite so much about controlling other people – in fact I generally would just as soon other people control themselves and leave me out of it. But when it comes … More To Control or Not to Control


Mixed Messages

My Dear “Kindred Spirit,” I just put on Martina McBride’s song “This One’s for the Girls.” It seemed fitting, because that’s where I’m headed with this one. Don’t worry, guys. You can keep reading. I’m not planning to get really gross or girly or anything. And I’m not gonna start bashing y’all either. But, if … More Mixed Messages

My Facade of Control

My Dear “Kindred Spirit,” So last week I wrote about manipulation, and how I have caught myself trying to manipulate situations in order to receive affirmation. The other side of manipulation is control. I don’t tend to manipulate situations in order to gain control, though, so I’ve never considered myself a controlling person. However, in … More My Facade of Control