The Hope in Hospitals

My Dear “Kindred Spirit,” You’re quirking your eyebrows at that title, I can just tell. Yes, yes, yes. This is still me writing this post. The mostly-crunchy, wannabe hippie-type chick. The same girl who writes about natural healing, real food, and the horrors of modern medicine. And, no, “hope” is not the first word that … More The Hope in Hospitals

Drugs, Diet, and becoming a Hippie (My “Health Journey,” Part 2)

My Dear “Kindred Spirit,” So, part 2. (Part 1 is here, if you haven’t read it yet). Where were we? Oh, yes – diagnosis: Ulcerative Colitis. Allow me to take a moment here and try to convey to you just how much I abhor the name of my disease. The Crohn’s people get to say … More Drugs, Diet, and becoming a Hippie (My “Health Journey,” Part 2)

The Backstory (My “Health Journey,” Part 1)

My Dear “Kindred Spirit,” Health… I know, I know. BORING!! I asked my sister earlier today what I should blog about. She said everyone writes about health, and I should write about ice cream instead. She only said that because we were driving home from a shopping trip, and there’s this little ice cream place … More The Backstory (My “Health Journey,” Part 1)