Food Stress

My Dear “Kindred Spirit,” So I was realizing in reading over my last “health” post that I kinda sound like a quitter: “Yeah, so I really changed my diet… for 10 months. And now I’m back to eating ice cream. Let me give you some excuses about why I’m such a quitter…” Ok. This could … More Food Stress

Minestrone Soup

My Dear “Kindred Spirit,” I am very proudly 1/8 Italian. My great-grandfather (Grandpa Joe) was Italian, which means my grandmother (Bema) was 1/2 Italian, making my dad 1/4 Italian, and my siblings and I all 1/8 Italian. (Let me say “Italian” a few more times…). Sadly, this means my kids will only be 1/16 Italian. … More Minestrone Soup