The Backstory (My “Health Journey,” Part 1)

My Dear “Kindred Spirit,” Health… I know, I know. BORING!! I asked my sister earlier today what I should blog about. She said everyone writes about health, and I should write about ice cream instead. She only said that because we were driving home from a shopping trip, and there’s this little ice cream place … More The Backstory (My “Health Journey,” Part 1)


Minestrone Soup

My Dear “Kindred Spirit,” I am very proudly 1/8 Italian. My great-grandfather (Grandpa Joe) was Italian, which means my grandmother (Bema) was 1/2 Italian, making my dad 1/4 Italian, and my siblings and I all 1/8 Italian. (Let me say “Italian” a few more times…). Sadly, this means my kids will only be 1/16 Italian. … More Minestrone Soup

God’s Opinion

My Dear “Kindred Spirit,” What if the people of Nineveh had taken Jonah’s opinion of them as being God’s opinion of them?? I heard a sermon the other day that mentioned Jonah and how he really didn’t have a great opinion of the people of Nineveh. I usually don’t get too much out of sermons … More God’s Opinion

Come Alive!

My Dear “Kindred Spirit,” I am tired and sweaty and dehydrated. My feet hurt from high heels, there’s way too much paint on my face that I still need to wash off, and I hope that whoever invented upper underwear had to wear it every day of their life (sorry, if you’re a kindred spirit … More Come Alive!